Sloped Escape Chute

Type Approval Number Rescue.04-2-1
It is capable of safety evacuation a number of people by using 45-degree angled chute down to the ground.

1. Product Information

Floor 2F 3F 4F 5F 6F 7F 8F 9F 10F 11F 12F 13F
Length 7m 11m 15m 20m 25m 30m 35m 40m 45m 50m 55m 60m


2sec 3sec 4sec 5sec 6sec 7sec 8sec 9sec 10sec 11sec 12sec 13sec

* The information above is prepared based on general standard, and its length is subject to change depending on the actual condition at the site.

* The length of the product shall be calculated by adding the height between the floor surface of the installed floor and the escaping surface (mainly ground level) to the height between the floor surface of the installed floor and the lower part of the escaping window followed by multiplying */2 (1.414). For example, when the height of the floor surface of the 3rd floor from the ground level is 6m while the height of the lower part of the window from the floor surface is 1m, the intended height is 9.9m (6m+1m=7m*/2=9.9m.); thus, 10m product shall be selected.

2. Installation Standard

Case a.Width b.Length c.Height
5th floor & below 75cm 40cm 80cm
6th floor & higher 75cm 50cm 100cm
Dimension of inner entrance frame Dimension of inner chute
60*60cm Approx. Ø60cm

3. How to Install

  1. Place the escape chute at the location to install.
  2. Uncover the case to check the wquipment
  3. Fixate the equpment by using anchor bolts at the location which red-arrows point
  4. When red-arrow pointing location are unavailable, repeat which bule-arrows point

4. How to Use

1. Upon emergency, remove the cover.

2. Drop the chute down to the ground.

3. Fixate or supplement the lower supporter on the ground.

4. Descend safety through the entrance frame with feet first.

5. Storage

  1. Store the product at easily-accessible and well-ventilated location.
  2. The product must be stored readily usable at all time, yet inspection shall be conducted once 5-6 months.