Safety Air Cushion (Engine Fan Type)

Product Approval No. Air.Matt.99-2
  • With double safety structure by a fan, it is designed to evacuate a number of refugees repeatedly with one
  • person at a time.
1. Product Information of Safety Air Cushion (Engine-fan-type)
Installation time45 sec40 sec50 sec80 sec120 sec
Evacuation Interval8 sec8 sec10 sec12 sec17 sec

Fan Power Output


 380Wx1 380Wx2380Wx2 780Wx2 780Wx2
ไฟไหม้เรือน้ำมัน 20,000 ตัน แหลมฉบัง-หนีวุ่นเจ็บ
2.Specification of Electric Fan
Applicable Floor LevelSizeVoltageOutputMax. Air VolumeMax. Static PressureWeight
5th, 7th, 10th Floor Ø300 220V 380W 3,900 (m3/h)Ø300220V380W3,900 (m3/h)40 (mmAq)14kg
15th, 20th Floor Ø350 220V 780WØ35022V780W4,920 (m3/h)80 (mmAq)18kg
3. Generator Specification – It accompanies engine-fan-type model when commercial electricity is not available
GeneratorAll FloorsFrequencR.P.MMax. OutputFuel/Capacity



All Floors220V60Hz



6.5H.PPetrol 12L6.8 hours560x440x46043kg
4. How to Use
  1. Carry Safety Air Cushion to the location to install.
  2. Unfold the cushion completely in rectangular shape.
  3. Connect the fan and supply power to run the fan.
  4. After the cushion is full formed, have refuges to escape one by one.
  5. Separate the fan after its use, and deflate the cushion for storage.
อุปกรณ์หนีไฟ รอกหนีไฟ seohan
5. Storage
  1. Store the product at easily-accessible and well-ventilated location.
  2. The product must be stored readily usable at all time, yet inspection shall be conducted once every 5-6 months.
รอกหนีไฟ อุปรณ์หนีไฟ